12cr1mov Steel Plate

Main alloy element in steel, in addition to the inpidual micro alloying elements, usually expressed as a percentage.When the average alloy content < 1.5%, generally only mark symbol in the steel grade, and not indicate content, but in special cases, easy to cause confusion, after the element symbol can be labeled with Numbers "1", such as steel grade "12crmov" and "12 cr1mov", the former chromium content is 0.4 0.6%, which is 0.9-1.2%, all the rest of the ingredients are the same.

Steel vanadium of V, Ti, aluminum, titanium, boron, rare earth and alloy elements such as RE B, micro alloying elements, although the content is very low, still should be in steel grade drawings.20MnVB steel, for example.Vanadium is 0.07-0.12%, boron is 0.001-0.005%.

Special use of alloy structural steel, steel grade as (or suffix) on behalf of the steel grade USES symbols.Such as riveting screw dedicated 30crmnsi steels, steel grade is expressed as ML30CrMnSi.

?12cr1mov steel plate weight calculation formula:length x width x thickness= 0.00785 kg/m?

?Chemical composition:







Compared with 12crmov steel, the 12cr1mov steel has higher strong oxidation resistance and heat resistance.This steel creep limit and lasting value is very close, and in the case of persistent stretching with high plasticity;Technology of steel with good weld ability, but before welding, need to preheat to 300, need in addition to the stress after welding processing.Is high pressure, super high pressure, subcritical boiler super heater, header, and the main steam pipe widely used types of steel.580 still has high heat intensity and antioxidant properties, and have higher durable plastic.Production process is relatively simple, the welding performance is good, but is more sensitive fire cooling speed.580 long-term use can produce pearlite- spheroidization.